The Inner Map

The Inner Map:
Navigating Your Emotions to Create the Life You Want

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“This groundbreaking book will revolutionize the reader’s experience of their inner world. Psychologist/author Julia B. Colwell, Ph.D., presents profound and immediately applicable principles that are based on neuropsychology and three decades of clinical experience. Dr. Colwell guides the reader towards an understanding of the function of each emotional state, resulting in clear skills to leverage the energy behind those emotions rather than be a victim of life, tossed about by their latest triggered emotion. Applying the book’s simple exercises will enable the reader to powerfully navigate their inner world and generate a joyful, fulfilling life.”

— Becky Margiotta

 Available as an ebook or paperback, on Amazon.

Welcome to listeners of the podcast “Unleashing Social Change.” Click here to download more information about shame and how to shift out of it! (And if you haven’t heard this dynamite podcast with Becky Margiotta and Julie Colwell on Shame, here it is.)

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