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The scourge of blame

A plane is shot down with hundreds of lives lost, thousands more forever changed. Boys playing on the beach are bombed into unrecognizability. The finger-pointing begins, warships are on alert. Tremendous energy is used up in an age-old human practice: Blame. Blame’s favorite sibling is, of course, being right. As in: I am so sure

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Loving your Reactive Brain (and everyone else’s, too)

When was the last time that your body was triggered? Yesterday? 10 minutes ago? Are you triggered right now, with the telltale signs: elevated pulse, adrenalized state, tightened muscles, shallow, quick breathing, thoughts that are racing (or simply absent)? OK, some of you are thinking, “well SURE! That’s how I usually feel, especially at work/home

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A response to the theatre shootings

WAKE UP! Another mass shooting. 12 dead, 58 wounded watching a movie. WAKE UP! 69 people killed at a Norwegian summer camp. WAKE UP! 13 high school students shot. The Twin Towers attacked; over 3,000 killed. 300 killed in Syria.  More than 100,000 Iraqi citizens and 4,486 Americans killed in a war over WMD that were

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Are you interested in adding your body into your work?

I taught a training this morning with some employees who do front-line, angry-customers-in-their faces kind of work. We played around with Reactive Brain and Creative Brain, how to tell one from the other. I advocated to this women-only crowd the radical notion that they prioritize taking care of their own bodies, which were clearly paying

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Solving global warming (and other calamities)

(Earlier today, a beloved member of the Intensive Learning Community here at the BC3 posted about her grief and despair about global warming. We’ve had no precipitation at all in the Boulder/Denver area, during March, generally the snowiest month, and there are still wildfires burning. This is what I posted back to her.) I’ve been

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Loving obstacles

I’m a student of manifestation. I have ongoing intentions, I write them down and speak them out loud, I believe that living in integrity gives them more strength. As I’ve played with all of this over the years, I’ve noticed that manifesting isn’t the linear path I’d imagined it to be. I might be verrry

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