Reactive Brain

Treasure hunting (for your True Self)

Audio Comments: Treasure Blog Last Saturday, I taught a class to the Intensive Learning Community (the ILC, the ongoing community of learners committed to living consciously) that is about skills to take us beyond living from intention. As I’ve explored living from and into essence over the years, I’ve discovered some of the most powerful […]

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Loving the bad guys

Having had time to process some of my horror and outrage about the Newtown shootings, I’ve had time to muse on the greater implications. Specifically, I’ve begun to wonder what it means to be the shooter. The social isolate who finally cracks, the sociopath who is willing to terrorize, the copycat who phones in the bomb

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How can I tell if I’m in Reactive Brain (aka “the ego)?

(This is the 2nd in a series on how to tell if you’re in Reactive Brain (aka “your ego”). You can follow along with the states by downloading my Inner Map here.) We had dinner the other night at a lovely French bistro in Denver. Lovely, that is, until the couple at the table next

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