How it’s perfect that Hillary lost the election

I’m a staunch Hillary supporter. We still have our “Hillary 2008” bumper sticker displayed in our garage. We wore hats and t-shirts, drove around with our magnetized stickers, wore our pantsuits Tuesday. Shook with disbelief during a sleepless post-election night; cried and raged the next day. And then I wondered: How is it perfect that […]

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The scourge of blame

A plane is shot down with hundreds of lives lost, thousands more forever changed. Boys playing on the beach are bombed into unrecognizability. The finger-pointing begins, warships are on alert. Tremendous energy is used up in an age-old human practice: Blame. Blame’s favorite sibling is, of course, being right. As in: I am so sure

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A response to the theatre shootings

WAKE UP! Another mass shooting. 12 dead, 58 wounded watching a movie. WAKE UP! 69 people killed at a Norwegian summer camp. WAKE UP! 13 high school students shot. The Twin Towers attacked; over 3,000 killed. 300 killed in Syria.  More than 100,000 Iraqi citizens and 4,486 Americans killed in a war over WMD that were

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