It’s time

It’s been 2 ½ months since the election. We’ve had time to be shocked, to grieve. Time to shake our fists at the unfairness of it all. Time to fantasize what country we might escape to. And—we’ve had time to look around, see who else shares our outrage. Make contact with them. And then—we’ve had […]

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Flow happens

Have you experienced flow in your life? I know when I’m in flow when I’m part of life, letting myself be taken by the currents. Like a river rafter, I might be in high waters or low, or maybe I’ll occasionally bounce off a rock or go through some scary rapids, but I’m moving through life.

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What if you knew you were fully supported by life?

Have you ever felt like you were battling against life, that life, somehow, “had it in” for you? That, despite your best efforts, you couldn’t “make” something happen? Me too. Then I started imagining a new paradigm. It started with this question: What if I believed I was fully supported by life? That’s one of those

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What if God was all of us?

I grew up Episcopalian. I went with my family to church until I was a teenager, sang in the choir, can still sing to you the beautiful Sanctus that Father Howell would intone before Communion. I loved the stained glass, the vestments, the rituals. And I never understood anything that was being said. I’d try,

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It’s all true

Don’t you wish there was a way to figure out what’s true and what isn’t? As in–is it true that people are basically good, or are we actually sinners in disguise? Or–is it true that we should scrimp and save so that we have enough money for retirement? Or maybe we should live for today

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What story are you telling yourself?

Recently, I’ve become fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves, and the impact they have on our inner states and on how we live our lives. Having been trained as a hypnotherapist, I understand the power of hypnotic induction in how we interact with ourselves and the world. I see how often my clients are

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My manifesto

In my last series of posts I introduced the idea that, in the choice between being right or being happy, choosing HAPPY means choosing you. Deciding to live from what resonates with your core self means landing on your path of true fulfillment, meaning, and happiness. I outlined five (and a half!) steps for you

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I Choose Happy! Process Step 5: YOUR MANIFESTO

I started this series on October 10, and said it would be two weeks. Wellll–here we are, twenty days later–are you still with me? To remind you, thus far we’ve: Made the commitment to Choosing Happy (over Being Right) Listed what we’d learned as Measures of Success Surfaced our own Measures of Success Savored what

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I Choose Happy! Process Step 4

The “I Choose Happy!” Process is a way to discover your essence and then build your life around what is most important to you. It’s about manifesting from your true self, versus from what you’ve learned you “should” or “shouldn’t do. (I believe that the word “should” is a clue that whatever follows is always

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