What if you knew you were fully supported by life?

Have you ever felt like you were battling against life, that life, somehow, “had it in” for you? That, despite your best efforts, you couldn’t “make” something happen? Me too. Then I started imagining a new paradigm. It started with this question: What if I believed I was fully supported by life? That’s one of those […]

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Here’s to the dreamers

In 1993, I was one of those who marched on Washington to support gay rights. It was post Amendment Two, the dark days following Colorado’s referendum that made discrimination against gays and lesbians part of the state’s constitution. One of the events of that march was a mass marriage, led by Rev. Troy Perry of

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Soothe it, don’t solve it

Have you had this conversation with a partner? (It’s likely that you were either “A” or “B” as this dynamic tends to lend itself to polarization.) A: We HAVE to talk about money. I was just paying the bills and we’re running out of money. We need a BUDGET! B: Wellllll….OK.  A: So let’s start

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Celebrating Easter (for those of us who didn’t get it)

Have you ever been betrayed? Have you ever suffered? Felt anguished, tortured, forsaken? Me too. We try to figure it out, don’t we? Understand what’s the point, why go on when it’s so clearly hopeless? I grew up in the Episcopalian Church. I loved going to church, watching the priests in their beautiful vestments, immersing myself in

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Taking a stand

A great friend of mine sent this post by Rachael Rice to me today. It’s long (you can find the whole post here). Here’s an excerpt: “I’VE GOT AN INDICTMENT FOR YOU: Why Aren’t Internet Famous People Posting about ‪#‎Ferguson‬? New-age and personal power transformational coach/entrepreneur/bloggers/people with a following PUT DOWN YOUR CRYSTALS, AND LISTEN UP.

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Feelings are between you and you

What you’re feeling is between you and you

(I facilitate a wonderful group called the Life Alignment Program. An excellent question came up from one of the members and I decided to share my response here.)  The question: “Isn’t the point to express feelings, whenever and wherever, in order to be transparent and authentic?” Communicating about your emotional world to those around you

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Selfish? Selfless…or Selfull

“You are so SELFISH!” This particular invective has so much power, people (especially women) arrange their entire lives around making sure that others won’t ever say it–or even think it–about them. They stay as far away from “selfish” as they can, flipping them to the other pole, being “selfless.” Surely that’s better, right? To walk

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What if God was all of us?

I grew up Episcopalian. I went with my family to church until I was a teenager, sang in the choir, can still sing to you the beautiful Sanctus that Father Howell would intone before Communion. I loved the stained glass, the vestments, the rituals. And I never understood anything that was being said. I’d try,

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It’s all true

Don’t you wish there was a way to figure out what’s true and what isn’t? As in–is it true that people are basically good, or are we actually sinners in disguise? Or–is it true that we should scrimp and save so that we have enough money for retirement? Or maybe we should live for today

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Coming out as a rutabagean

“When we’re fully in flow, we could be attracted to a rutabaga.”* —Gay Hendricks I’ve been getting more educated about transgender issues. My brilliant colleague, Tara Eastcott, Ph.D., took the time to help me understand how people have almost infinite ways of identifying ourselves. She believes that gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, how we

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