“Do you live in a friendly universe?” Redux

I wrote this back in January, 2015. As I was meditating this morning, it occurred to me that my attention has shifted back to focusing on what I see as the unfriendly aspects of the universe–chemical warfare, warmongering, political strife, potentially irreversible climate change–what is wrong. And I know that, once I go into Narrow […]

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Be an activist: Choose Joy

In the onslaught of current political news, how do you decide what to actually DO? Your energy can split out in many directions. You could call your congresspeople every day. You could go to the myriad of marches. You could read everything you can get your hands on, or listen to all form of news

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It’s time

It’s been 2 ½ months since the election. We’ve had time to be shocked, to grieve. Time to shake our fists at the unfairness of it all. Time to fantasize what country we might escape to. And—we’ve had time to look around, see who else shares our outrage. Make contact with them. And then—we’ve had

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Ten ways to be a happy activist (especially these days…)

“OK, I’m ready. What can I DO?” My initial post-election shock has moved from frozen fear, through sadness and anger, to a surge of focused energy. I’ve heard it all around me, and wondered myself—we want to take action, but what are the right actions to take? I’ve been watching previously hibernating activists wake up

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Evolutionary Power: The light cracking through

Apocalypse: “One of the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 b.c. to a.d. 150 marked by…the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life…; something viewed as a revelation. (Merriam-Webster, online) Just over a week post-election, and people are still in the

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Trump? Villain or…?

I’ve been transfixed by the election cycle this time around—have you? Participating in the Bernie/Hillary debate (and having some friendships spinning around our differences); watching in awe as the First Woman in History accepted the presidential nomination (let’s go back and savor that moment again……… And then. The immersion into Trumpdom. I admit it, social

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The miracle of the darkness

As humans, we instinctively recoil from the darkness. We know that danger lurks out there. There might be wild animals, waiting to tear us apart, or a deep hole we might unwittingly fall into, or a robber or marauder or rapist waiting to attack us. The darkness is unpredictable, unknowable, uncontrollable. To be avoided. The natural

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Flow happens

Have you experienced flow in your life? I know when I’m in flow when I’m part of life, letting myself be taken by the currents. Like a river rafter, I might be in high waters or low, or maybe I’ll occasionally bounce off a rock or go through some scary rapids, but I’m moving through life.

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What if you knew you were fully supported by life?

Have you ever felt like you were battling against life, that life, somehow, “had it in” for you? That, despite your best efforts, you couldn’t “make” something happen? Me too. Then I started imagining a new paradigm. It started with this question: What if I believed I was fully supported by life? That’s one of those

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Soothe it, don’t solve it

Have you had this conversation with a partner? (It’s likely that you were either “A” or “B” as this dynamic tends to lend itself to polarization.) A: We HAVE to talk about money. I was just paying the bills and we’re running out of money. We need a BUDGET! B: Wellllll….OK.  A: So let’s start

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