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The cost of Narrow Focus

Sirens blaring. The booming voice ominously repeating the warning to MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND IMMEDIATELY. The images on YouTube and TV of flooding and rescues and rushing water and ROAD CLOSURES and EVACUATION ORDERS. My adrenaline goes up and my brain thinks there’s an emergency, I should do something. But–what? Oh, nothing, there’s nothing to […]

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Bark, growl, and whimper.

I worked with a couple recently that was totally stuck. Sleep-deprived with a newborn, they found themselves irritable with each other, having conversations that quickly escalated into conflict. They had a good idea of what the pattern was (A got mad, B tried to placate, A’s anger increased, B got mad, A got scared of

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We’re all cells in this together

7,085,570,680. That’s how many of us there are in the world–well, about two minutes ago. The number of us cells there are that make up the human body. I saw about 40 of those cells out this morning on my walk and bike ride. I felt great appreciation for the dog walkers, bicyclists, carriage-pushers, meditators,

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Treasure hunting (for your True Self)

Audio Comments: Treasure Blog Last Saturday, I taught a class to the Intensive Learning Community (the ILC, the ongoing community of learners committed to living consciously) that is about skills to take us beyond living from intention. As I’ve explored living from and into essence over the years, I’ve discovered some of the most powerful

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Loving the bad guys

Having had time to process some of my horror and outrage about the Newtown shootings, I’ve had time to muse on the greater implications. Specifically, I’ve begun to wonder what it means to be the shooter. The social isolate who finally cracks, the sociopath who is willing to terrorize, the copycat who phones in the bomb

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My manifesto

In my last series of posts I introduced the idea that, in the choice between being right or being happy, choosing HAPPY means choosing you. Deciding to live from what resonates with your core self means landing on your path of true fulfillment, meaning, and happiness. I outlined five (and a half!) steps for you

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I Choose Happy! Process Step 5: YOUR MANIFESTO

I started this series on October 10, and said it would be two weeks. Wellll–here we are, twenty days later–are you still with me? To remind you, thus far we’ve: Made the commitment to Choosing Happy (over Being Right) Listed what we’d learned as Measures of Success Surfaced our own Measures of Success Savored what

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I Choose Happy! Process Step #3

In my last three blog posts, I’ve introduced you to the idea of “choosing happy” (versus being RIGHT) as a guiding principle for your whole life. Then I led you through Step #1 (making the commitment to choosing happy) and Step #2 (examining what you’ve been using as your Metrics of Success.) These MOS began

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I Choose Happy! Process Step #2

In I Choose Happy! Step #1, I asked you to make a commitment to choosing being happy over being right. You might have experienced what is very common after making a new commitment: that the obstacles to that commitment appear right away. Maybe you had thoughts like, “This is stupid, Julie lives in a totally

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I Choose Happy! Process Step #1

In my last post, I described my new discovery of taking the question, “would you rather be right or be happy?” to a whole new dimension. Rather than simply using it as a question of relationship, I’ve been looking at my whole life through this lens. As a result, I’m experiencing a sense of realignment

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