This s*&% really works

We say that back and forth to each other at the BC3*, sometimes as a high-five, sometimes with wonderment on our faces. “You know, when I said how I really felt and what I really wanted, I felt a huge weight lift off of me.” Or, “I went to see my parents, and I decided

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What is your mantra?

man·tra  noun ˈmän-trə also ˈman- or ˈmən- : a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating : a word or phrase that is repeated often or that expresses someone’s basic beliefs (Merriam-Webster online dictionary) I was working with someone recently who was feeling pretty awful. She’d move some emotions through, and then grimace

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Bark, growl, and whimper.

I worked with a couple recently that was totally stuck. Sleep-deprived with a newborn, they found themselves irritable with each other, having conversations that quickly escalated into conflict. They had a good idea of what the pattern was (A got mad, B tried to placate, A’s anger increased, B got mad, A got scared of

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Adding oomph to “I love you”

Have you noticed how “I love you” can be like an empty gift box–wrapped well, but with nothing inside? I first observed this sitting with couples where one was ending the relationship. “I don’t want to be with you. But I love you. I’ll always love you.” Watching the recoil of the receiver of this

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Conscious Giving and Receiving

“It’s the season of giving!”–Right? Perhaps–though maybe conscious giving and receiving require new skills. Specifically, the ability to ask yourself “what is the truth about what I want to give or don’t want to give, what I want to do or don’t want to do?” Perhaps this season, that is also so rife with overeating,

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My manifesto

In my last series of posts I introduced the idea that, in the choice between being right or being happy, choosing HAPPY means choosing you. Deciding to live from what resonates with your core self means landing on your path of true fulfillment, meaning, and happiness. I outlined five (and a half!) steps for you

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Knowing versus Solving

When I taught at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, some participants were incredulous at the idea that it was possible for everyone to get everything they want. It does sound unbelievable, doesn’t it? And yet I’ve never seen it fail. The key to everyone getting everything they want is to dream first, solve later. It’s the

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Hello, Michigan!

Greetings to my sweet, brave, and, fun companions from the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival! I had the honor and the thrill of teaching around 100 women conscious tools, both in intensives and then in fishbowl coaching. Imagine, if you can, circles of people sitting together on low beach chairs out in the middle of a clearing

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“What happened to the zing?”

I was just in Madison, Wisconsin, at the National Women’s Music Festival, where I taught some workshops on catalyzing conscious relationships. Since we were in a swanky hotel, I decided it would be fun to have a happy hour chat. Nine of us sat around doing a q+a about relationships. When one woman asked this

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