Happiness as an indicator, not a drift

“Happy idiot.” “Happy fool.” Somehow, our culture has associated being happy with being out of touch with reality, or just being plain stupid. Happiness ends up being viewed as a drift away from what we collectively understand to be “real:” pain, suffering, the difficulty of everyday life where we work diligently at the grindstone, Sisyphus’

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Looking for magic

I just had dinner with a wonderful group of people. You know the kind of event–we spent hours laughing and sharing and eating delicious food, finally savoring luscious, perfectly ripe strawberries dipped in chocolate. But it was the connection that made for the miracle. All that love flowing around the room made it easy to

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Co-creating conscious community

Last night, about 45 of us gathered together to take the next step of the magical journey towards co-creating conscious community in Boulder. I felt giddy with the excitement of the night, and dizzy with the potential of what all of these magnificent humans could do together. For the past year, I’ve had the vision

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