This s*&% really works

We say that back and forth to each other at the BC3*, sometimes as a high-five, sometimes with wonderment on our faces. “You know, when I said how I really felt and what I really wanted, I felt a huge weight lift off of me.” Or, “I went to see my parents, and I decided […]

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Top 10 powerful ideas I learned from Ayurveda

I’ve been thinking and talking with folks a lot about health lately. As I was using my tongue scraper this morning (it’s a way to clean off the “ama,” or disease-creating substance that gathers in our bodies), I was thinking about how much Ayurveda (the 5,000 year-old system of medicine from India) has changed my

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Join me for the RIDE Program

You may have read my recent post about having presented at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. It’s this kind of event that re-inspires my work, as I get to spend several hours with people who are out in the world, doing the best they can with what they know. And I witness how difficult it

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Announcing the RIDE Program!

I love the world of relationships. Since I was a kid and read “Can this marriage be saved?” column in my mother’s Ladies Home Journal I’ve been fascinated by the dynamics of relationships and how to transform them. Here’s my most recent foray into playing in the world of relationships: The RIDE Program (Relationships Ignite

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Are you interested in adding your body into your work?

I taught a training this morning with some employees who do front-line, angry-customers-in-their faces kind of work. We played around with Reactive Brain and Creative Brain, how to tell one from the other. I advocated to this women-only crowd the radical notion that they prioritize taking care of their own bodies, which were clearly paying

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The courage to be conscious

I led a “fishbowl coaching” session last night, where brave souls agree to be in the middle, getting coached by me, while others support and learn from the coaching by sitting in an outside circle. We had three 45 minute sessions together. The first slot was filled by an adult child/parent combination; the other two

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