I have a coach named Gail whom I love. She congratulates me on what I’m doing right; when she notices something I could improve on, she calmly tells me what I did, then how I could do it better. Here I am, 62 years old, and just this summer, I’ve refined my throwing style, can

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Befriending anger

(Want to know more about healthy anger? Listen to my podcast #11, Anger is Power.)   Knowing what to do with anger is very tricky for us humans. We have a shared understanding that we shouldn’t hurt each other (the Golden Rule and all). But we don’t know what we should do with all of

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Post-election: What level do you choose?

Dying is easy  It’s living that scares me to death… –From “Cold,” by Annie Lennox     Get out your Inner Map. Can’t dig it up? Here it is (plus a link to download your own home-version): It’s probably tough to see on your phone. There are the areas Above the Line (Neutrality, Acceptance, Appreciation,

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The real chasm in the US: Reactive Brain vs. Creative Brain

Once this election is over, how in the world will we heal the yawning chasm that has opened up between us Americans? I’ve mused on the worrisome development of our vast polarization since the two candidates were chosen (see my blog, “Trump: Evil or…?”). Our country’s unease is palpable. Friendships have been lost; family members no

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Trump? Villain or…?

I’ve been transfixed by the election cycle this time around—have you? Participating in the Bernie/Hillary debate (and having some friendships spinning around our differences); watching in awe as the First Woman in History accepted the presidential nomination (let’s go back and savor that moment again……… And then. The immersion into Trumpdom. I admit it, social

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I just don’t trust–who?

To state the obvious, trust is a major issue in relationships. In fact, when I see couples, it follows “communication” as The Issue. “I don’t trust you because you…” …cheated on me. Lied to me, betrayed me. Tricked me. Hurt me. Hurt me DEEPLY. As we get under the superficial presenting issue, however, I invariably

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Soothe it, don’t solve it

Have you had this conversation with a partner? (It’s likely that you were either “A” or “B” as this dynamic tends to lend itself to polarization.) A: We HAVE to talk about money. I was just paying the bills and we’re running out of money. We need a BUDGET! B: Wellllll….OK.  A: So let’s start

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Taking a stand

A great friend of mine sent this post by Rachael Rice to me today. It’s long (you can find the whole post here). Here’s an excerpt: “I’VE GOT AN INDICTMENT FOR YOU: Why Aren’t Internet Famous People Posting about ‪#‎Ferguson‬? New-age and personal power transformational coach/entrepreneur/bloggers/people with a following PUT DOWN YOUR CRYSTALS, AND LISTEN UP.

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The scourge of blame

A plane is shot down with hundreds of lives lost, thousands more forever changed. Boys playing on the beach are bombed into unrecognizability. The finger-pointing begins, warships are on alert. Tremendous energy is used up in an age-old human practice: Blame. Blame’s favorite sibling is, of course, being right. As in: I am so sure

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