Ten ways to be a happy activist (especially these days…)

“OK, I’m ready. What can I DO?” My initial post-election shock has moved from frozen fear, through sadness and anger, to a surge of focused energy. I’ve heard it all around me, and wondered myself—we want to take action, but what are the right actions to take? I’ve been watching previously hibernating activists wake up […]

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The real chasm in the US: Reactive Brain vs. Creative Brain

Once this election is over, how in the world will we heal the yawning chasm that has opened up between us Americans? I’ve mused on the worrisome development of our vast polarization since the two candidates were chosen (see my blog, “Trump: Evil or…?”). Our country’s unease is palpable. Friendships have been lost; family members no

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Trump? Villain or…?

I’ve been transfixed by the election cycle this time around—have you? Participating in the Bernie/Hillary debate (and having some friendships spinning around our differences); watching in awe as the First Woman in History accepted the presidential nomination (let’s go back and savor that moment again……… And then. The immersion into Trumpdom. I admit it, social

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I just don’t trust–who?

To state the obvious, trust is a major issue in relationships. In fact, when I see couples, it follows “communication” as The Issue. “I don’t trust you because you…” …cheated on me. Lied to me, betrayed me. Tricked me. Hurt me. Hurt me DEEPLY. As we get under the superficial presenting issue, however, I invariably

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The miracle of the darkness

As humans, we instinctively recoil from the darkness. We know that danger lurks out there. There might be wild animals, waiting to tear us apart, or a deep hole we might unwittingly fall into, or a robber or marauder or rapist waiting to attack us. The darkness is unpredictable, unknowable, uncontrollable. To be avoided. The natural

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Flow happens

Have you experienced flow in your life? I know when I’m in flow when I’m part of life, letting myself be taken by the currents. Like a river rafter, I might be in high waters or low, or maybe I’ll occasionally bounce off a rock or go through some scary rapids, but I’m moving through life.

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Here’s to the dreamers

In 1993, I was one of those who marched on Washington to support gay rights. It was post Amendment Two, the dark days following Colorado’s referendum that made discrimination against gays and lesbians part of the state’s constitution. One of the events of that march was a mass marriage, led by Rev. Troy Perry of

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Taking a stand

A great friend of mine sent this post by Rachael Rice to me today. It’s long (you can find the whole post here). Here’s an excerpt: “I’VE GOT AN INDICTMENT FOR YOU: Why Aren’t Internet Famous People Posting about ‪#‎Ferguson‬? New-age and personal power transformational coach/entrepreneur/bloggers/people with a following PUT DOWN YOUR CRYSTALS, AND LISTEN UP.

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Befriending the darkness

We’re moving into the darkest time of the year. The days are shortening; the nights seem to be increasing their steady pull into the intensity of shadow and black. Halloween—with its ghosts and ghoulish goblins, its focus on death and the macabre—stalks us through leaves swirling in the fall wind. Much of my work lately

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