Are you interested in adding your body into your work?

I taught a training this morning with some employees who do front-line, angry-customers-in-their faces kind of work. We played around with Reactive Brain and Creative Brain, how to tell one from the other. I advocated to this women-only crowd the radical notion that they prioritize taking care of their own bodies, which were clearly paying the price for living in the ongoing stress response that is Reactive Brain.

I wonder–how did we get to a place of subtracting the body from our work? What happened along the way where it made sense to sacrifice our own health and well-being in order to do the job, get the paycheck, be employed? From the survival mentality that is indicative that Reactive Brain has taken over, the paying the short-term price that is stress makes sense. But to step back, breathe deeply and shift into the relaxed space that is open focus and Creative Brain, however, living this way is insane.

My beloved friend and esteemed colleague, Kathlyn Hendricks,* and I are teaching a three day workshop called Adding the Body: A New Paradigm in Personal Transformation. It’s quite revolutionary, really, holding the view that it is the birthright of every single one of us to bring our full selves into all parts of our lives–no matter who is paying us. We’ll have three days to move, breathe, play, and learn in an environment that supports following impulses, noticing the signals our bodies are trying to communicate, and connecting with our deepest selves. I know with every cell of my being that, to bring my body fully into my life is to give my mind and soul a bridge into every moment, to follow a pathway of joy and fulfillment. I feel thrilled that I get to inhabit this creative field in an ongoing way, and that I get to play with Katie and the AtB participants for three days.

Join us if you can, but even if you don’t–are you willing to add your body to every aspect of your life? What are the steps you could take right this moment?



*Here’s a link to a video that is a delightful example of Katie’s masterful teaching style.

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