In response to Newsweek’s Superman cover

(This is a letter to the editor I just sent off. The title of the article is “America is Winning–and Why” and the cover shows a man pulling open his suitcoat and shirt and exposing the Superman “S”)

I just took the 5/7 issue out of my mailbox and saw –SUPERMAN!

Is this as far as we’ve come? We’re WINNING!?

Winners/losers, the conquered and the vanquished, the hero and the villain (which inevitably requires a victim)-are these REALLY our only choices in the 21st century?

How about–“we’re collaborating in this global economy”? Or “as we succeed, so does the world?”

Let’s have a new vision, one where we all can create a new world together. Where we’re not relying on a (white) superMAN to win and save us. Where each of us comes together with our own value and co-creates from our inner gifts.

Not as sexy, maybe. Not as much drama or adrenaline. But definitely more brilliant, more creative, and holding so many more of us in its possibilities.


Julia Colwell, Ph.d.


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