Solving global warming (and other calamities)

(Earlier today, a beloved member of the Intensive Learning Community here at the BC3 posted about her grief and despair about global warming. We’ve had no precipitation at all in the Boulder/Denver area, during March, generally the snowiest month, and there are still wildfires burning. This is what I posted back to her.)

I’ve been musing about this all day. Here are some thoughts:

When our species goes into Reactive Brain, a bunch of things happen:
–We see other as enemy (first thing).
–We believe our survival is threatened.
–We compete.
–We believe there is not enough, and that more is better.
–We instinctively form hierarchies, relying on dominance/submission to circle our wagons, feel safer. That results in dominance expression (bluster, contempt, ridicule, aggressive outbursts) and submissive expression (collapse, immobilization, pulling in).
–Everything we see validates our reality (since we create from our state). So we see more of what’s wrong, what’s scary, what is threatening.

Since humans have mostly lived in Reactive Brain (as our survival really was threatened for most of millennia), we’ve created results that reflect that. We’ve hoarded, used up, destroyed, fought, competed, thought only of the present, tribalized. (BTW, this is all arguable; i’m sure there have been civilizations that haven’t done this; this is a reflection of the reality/culture that I know.)

How do we move through this, find solutions?



RB doesn’t want us to know this. It wants to focus on what is wrong. That’s what it was designed for. However, focusing on what’s wrong will give us more of what’s wrong.

Solutions come from Creative Brain.

That is not being Pollyanna, or not facing into the problems. It is following Einstein’s maxim that “a problem cannot be solved in the same state of consciousness from which it was created.”

Notice all the energy that goes nowhere from Reactive Brain. All of that adrenaline generally doesn’t go into solving problems. Mostly people feel angry and mean or sad and despairing. Not creative.

This time calls for new solutions, things none of us have even dreamed of.

From Creative Brain, we expand into new possibilities. Acceptance, Appreciation, Love, Joy all open us to different vibrations. We can solve anything, ANYTHING from those vibrations.

I commit to putting my energies towards supporting people to living from their, our full potential. I know, through and through, that that is how we’ll truly transform this planet and get to the other side of the problems our 200,000 years of Reactive Brain have created.

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