Loving the ride

I rode my bike home tonight. It was dark outside, and I was in my shirtsleeves–in March! The evening air felt exhilarating, and I stood up on my peddles to totally enjoy the ride.

As I rode along, I mused about all of the exchanges I’d had during the day. My hours were filled with interactions that were fun, co-creative, fascinating, inspiring, frustrating, challenging, disconnecting, comforting, community-building, hysterically funny, scary, fulfilling…and…and…rich. All very rich.

I am a wealthy woman. I am loaded with the riches of relationship–with people, animals, my bike, the night air, my inner world. As I breathed in deeply while I pedaled along, I could feel life flowing through me, the remnants of the interactions of the day. My heart swelled, I touched into my deepest sense of aliveness. And I appreciated being on this relationship ride.

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