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Video demonstration: Climbing the Inner Map

For those who are in existential angst about our world…

Back in October, I sent out a query: “seeking a 20-something who is existentially gripped by angst about the future.” I’d just spent a few days around a 25 year-old who seemed to be gripped by hopelessness about the future. His mom described his firmly-held belief that there just wasn’t a point—to finding a job, to stepping into a relationship, to thinking about a future with kids—as our world was doomed.

I’ve worried that this was a prevailing story in our culture. Between the constant barrage of news about climate change and war, and the stream of dystopian movies, TV shows, and other media, I’ve wondered how our younger generation is doing, being pickled in all of the media pessimism.

As a psychologist who has used hypnotherapy with clients, I’m very aware of the impact of our stories on our mental health. Over the past decades, I’ve been developing a process that uses the power of induction, called “Climbing the Inner Map.” I wondered whether it could help someone dealing with similar issues to my young friend.

Thanks to all who responded to my query. Ultimately, Jimin and I met and recorded this process. As you will see, Jimin stepped in bravely and fully, being willing to take us into what is happening in the recesses of her mind, from the darkest places on up to the most expanded.

Here’s Jimin walking us through “Climbing the Inner Map”

(Below is a copy of the Inner Map; here’s a link to the process itself, in case you want to give it a shot.)

Thank you, dear Jimin, and to all who responded. And know that my story about the future is this: All is well. Humans are inextricably connected with Nature. As we collectively learn to embody higher and higher vibrations, we will find our way through to the future, step by step.



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