The courage to be conscious

I led a “fishbowl coaching” session last night, where brave souls agree to be in the middle, getting coached by me, while others support and learn from the coaching by sitting in an outside circle.

We had three 45 minute sessions together. The first slot was filled by an adult child/parent combination; the other two were individuals who wanted to work through some stuck places. As the night went on, there was a palpable sense of cozy intimacy, the feeling that we were doing sacred work together. The combination of the cold February night, the late hours, and the beginnings of a wind storm added to the tender connection between us all.

By the end of the evening, there was a pile of used and crumpled kleenexes. We all had had the honor of witnessing anger being experienced and moved through, fear being faced, new commitments being made. My heart really swelled, though, from watching people, over and over and over, be willing to face into their own unconscious patterns–in public, even!–and choose a new way. This business of getting conscious can feel pretty tough sometimes. To look the truth straight in the eye and make a shift, with no defense, no bluster, no ego–now that’s true courage.

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  1. Julia,
    It was a joy, honor, privilege (lots of good stuff) to witness “fishbowl” live and in person. Thank you to you and the brave souls that shared their process ! Something significant happened each session.
    Looking forward to the next fishbowl!!

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