Make it happen? Let the river flow.

There’s a part of me that wants to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. You? Do you ever feel the urge to get it done, push it through, do it on your time, not someone else’s?

I can feel the difference in my body. I get that set in my jaw, the forward tilt of my head when I’ve let my mind take over. It thinks it has the solution and knows how it all should happen. If I really tune in, I get it that my ego, my Reactive Brain, is now in charge.

When I relax and breathe, feel expansiveness and notice space, I have an entirely different experience. I tune into my deepest self and feel my connection to all that is. I get that wonderfully exhilarating sense of letting go into some bigger flow.

I’ve been creating my vision board for 2012. I love the whole idea of manifestation, of sending out my intentions and having Nature respond with the raw materials to bring them into physical reality. This year has taken me longer than other times, however, as I’ve been especially aware of wanting to move out of pushing and into allowing.

I toss this out to you to see what you’re up to. Are there things you want to make happen this year? Do you have goals to achieve, milestones to attain? That’s one way to live, but maybe you want to try out a different pace this year. You might want to join me in enjoying the flow of the river, trusting it to take you to you. Our only job could be to stay present for the ride–tell the truth, feel our emotions, take full responsibility–so that we can fully appreciate every moment. It’s a different route into the magic of manifestation, the one which allows for the unimaginable. The miraculous.


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