Loving obstacles

I’m a student of manifestation. I have ongoing intentions, I write them down and speak them out loud, I believe that living in integrity gives them more strength.

As I’ve played with all of this over the years, I’ve noticed that manifesting isn’t the linear path I’d imagined it to be. I might be verrry clear about what I want–to get somewhere fast, to get my tasks done easily, to have full workshops–then not actualize those things. So, what’s up with that?

When I’m Below the Line, in Reactive Brain, I’m usually thinking, well, this manifestation stuff is a bunch of hooey. Or–maybe it works for other people, but I’m clearly don’t have the gift. I’m just not expanded enough.

When I come back up the elevator to Creative Brain, I become really interested in what is happening, what I am creating. I start to see the so-called “obstacles” as messages from my divine self to my everyday, three-dimensional personality self. These messages might be subtle (the car that is driving “too slowly” in front of me) or maybe more aggravating (the piece I left off when I was replacing my battery last week, meaning I had to start over). Or perhaps they are totally frustrating, impeding my forward momentum completely (having no participants at a workshop I thought I was going to teach).

When I recommit to living in a friendly universe, seeing nature and all of creation as my ally, I tune in and notice how slowing down in traffic gave me time to breathe (and maybe avoid an accident ahead), having to re-do my battery replacement meant I noticed how I hadn’t made a strong enough connection (one of the wires looked like it was solidly on, but wasn’t) or the lack of participants signaled how I was going down the wrong path. The obstacles weren’t obstacles at all, they were simple nudges to stop and notice and tune in to the larger picture.

What are you currently seeing as obstacles in your life? What are they trying to tell you?

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