The lure of victim consciousness

The other day, I sat down with one of my favorite spirituality-focused magazines. I looked forward to feeling the inspiration of the words, to connecting with kindred spirits.

I was surprised by what I found. Though the intention of the magazine is clearly to uplift and communicate principles of higher consciousness, I could feel my body being impacted by the victim-speak of the articles. One author described her trip to Las Vegas, and how difficult it was for her to interface with the rampant commercialism, and to see the suffering of the gamblers, smokers, obese people, and addicts who were there. Another columnist detailed the transgressions of Bikram Choudhury (founder of Bikram yoga) and how Choudhury has begun legal action against the columnist’s yoga business. Throughout the magazine (with some clear exceptions) I perceived the familiar story about tracking down who is the villain, who is the victim. And then, ultimately, the pull to step in and “hero” the victims. In other words, the story of being in the Karpman Drama Triangle.

Of course, even by writing about this, I’m in the triangle with the magazine, with a sense of being “at the effect of” the content. In my ongoing exploration of how I interact with the world, I am interested in how easy it is for even very well-meaning folks, people that meditate and breathe and do lots of yoga and study scriptures and write about spiritual issues, to be pulled below the line, where Reactive Brain and consciousness come together to create the ego. From this state, it is easy to make up stories about who are the enemies and to blame them for what’s “wrong” in the world. Because, from Reactive Brain, the world exists as good/bad, right/wrong, friend/foe.

My work with Creative Brain CommunicationTM gives me a solid sense of a new possibility. I know now that my state creates my thoughts, that my real power comes from knowing how to shift that state. I can move from Reactive Brain into Creative Brain by breathing, moving, wondering, loving, playing–and by not believing myself when I go dualistic.

From this new state (I can now add blogging to the Shift List!), I want to express gratitude to the folks at the magazine for giving me another chance to do what I’m here to do–support the planetary change from Power Over/Under to Power With. And for having the courage to put themselves out there so we can all continue to evolve.


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3 thoughts on “The lure of victim consciousness”

  1. Hi Julia!
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, above, about experiencing much victimhood in the magazine you read, and beyond!
    I’ve noticed similar and also notice a BIG rush to blame—‘Who’s at fault’, and then, it seems all settles down.
    There MUST be a villain! There MUST be a victim! And, of course, all others are the heros!
    Wow, what we’ve created for ourselves is truly quite a masterpiece of craziness!!
    I love your words: ‘I know now that my state creates my thoughts, that my real power comes from knowing how to shift that state.’
    And, I might add, learning to pick up the pace of knowing when I’m operating from a state that creates those victim/villain/hero thoughts/actions!
    I’m learning to do this quicker and quicker, though I notice that I often see various states in others quicker than in myself!!

    Bravo to you……….and to me……..for our willingness to show up differently from our conditioned ways of being!!!


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