Looking for magic

I just had dinner with a wonderful group of people. You know the kind of event–we spent hours laughing and sharing and eating delicious food, finally savoring luscious, perfectly ripe strawberries dipped in chocolate.

But it was the connection that made for the miracle. All that love flowing around the room made it easy to wonder–how to use the tools we know about living in a higher vibration to actually support each other each day? It’s so clear that life is an ongoing series of choices. Choosing to appreciate versus complain and criticize, to notice the wonders instead of the atrocities, to breathe, move, and love instead of reacting, defending, shutting down. What can we offer each other that will help us choose to expand instead of contract?

What popped up was the idea of looking for magic. I, for one, am an expert at “critical thinking,” where I can quickly find what is wrong with any situation. That has helped me become a very accomplished problem-solver. What that has led to for me, however, is a definite proclivity towards finding problems to solve. With this orientation, it is easy for my life to seem like a series of problems and solutions.

Now I’d like to become equally masterful at finding the magic. I know it’s there–I’ve experienced countless miraculous moments, from crossing paths with a friend or acquaintance at the perfect moment, to having a piece of information appear just when I needed it, to being slowed by traffic so that I just missed the accident that I might have been involved with. These experiences happen reliably and continuously; it just depends on whether I’m in a space to notice them.

My friends and I committed to Tweeting each other about the magic we see. Please join us if you’d like to also increase your proficiency at tuning into the world of miracles that can be seen all around you–if you care to look.

You can follow me on Twitter if you’d like to know more; find me at juliecolwell.

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