An alternative form of energy: Being authentic

Have you felt a bit lethargic lately? Do you notice that your energy is low, that you feel kind of blah, tired out, numb?

Instead of wondering whether it really is time for Geritol or to do a thyroid level check, look for a solution in a different place:

Where are you not being authentic?

In other words, where are you not: speaking the truth, feeling your feelings fully, noticing when you are doing things you don’t want to be doing (or not doing things you want to be doing)? Where are you not keeping your agreements? Where are you keeping yourself from fully facing into the truths of your life? Like noticing those times when you:
~ really didn’t like what your partner/boss/child/colleague said, but you swallowed your words;
~ don’t want to look at how your past is impacting your present, so keep drinking or eating sugar or surfing the internet instead;
~ are complaining about your job but don’t take the risk to start doing what you really want to do;
~ (fill in your own here)

There are ongoing challenges to stepping into our full authenticity. People close to us often have reactions that we don’t like when we tell them the full truth. Choosing to leave jobs that we aren’t in alignment with can mean taking big financial risks. Letting feelings surface completely can feel overwhelming and scary. The bottom line is that stepping into authenticity means giving up the control we feel when we withhold the truth from others and ourselves.

The pay-offs to leading an authentic life, however, are immediate and ongoing. Every truth spoken, every feeling felt and reality faced gives us a surge of energy. Rather than living life in a quiet harbor, where we feel lulled to sleep by the predictability of our control, we can sail out to the open sea, where the endless energy of the wind and the waves carry us forward through a life of adventure, excitement, and real aliveness.

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