What wants to happen?

Here it is a week and a half out from the launch party of The Relationship Ride, and I still feel the swirl of love, fun, and pure support from the launch party on April 2. Looking out to the faces of so many people that I love–75 of them!–enfolded me in the certainty of my absolute wealth in this world.

One of the many lessons I’ve had through the process of publishing this book is the benefit of giving up my picture of how I thought it was supposed to look in favor of flowing with “what wants to happen” [this phrase is from Katie Hendricks]. When I first imagined writing a book and sending it out into the world, I thought I’d get it accepted by some big publisher from New York City, who would deign to publish it. I saw myself taking the elevator up some skyscraper and sitting down at a fancy walnut-and-glass conference table to go over the changes they insisted on. In other words, I imagined giving up my power to some “higher authority” who would remold it into whatever they thought would succeed, regardless of my vision.

Instead? Welllll–I’ve had a whole string of experiences of being able to play with my highly talented friends and colleagues. By being committed to living from our own personal geniuses–and to having a great time, no matter what!–each of us stepped in to do what we do best. The result? A book that I feel thrilled about as an example of my most creative self, as well as indicative of finest qualities of those amazing people that I view as my family.

My toss to you all? What pictures of how reality is “supposed to be” are you hanging on to? If you shifted into letting your life be what it actually is, what really “wants to happen,” with what sort of riches will you be rewarded?


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2 thoughts on “What wants to happen?”

  1. I love this, Julie: “What wants to happen?” This morning I’m looking out at snow on the tulips, and I’m thinking, “Snow wanted to happen last night.” I wonder how it would feel to step into that stream of what-is and let go of trying to control outcome. Your example of your book experience inspires me to consider how my day might be different today if don’t try to control and predict. Think I’ll try it.
    Thanks for this post. Thanks for being an inspiration every day.

    1. 🙂 I love that–weather wants to happen, for sure! Yes, what I notice is when I’m in this place of watching things happen, miracles are constantly available to me. I’m not even surprised anymore when the car pulls out from the perfect parking place, or I had the thought “I wonder how to solve this problem” and someone literally tells me the information I need–without asking.

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