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Embracing Your Role in Our Collective Transformation

I rode my bike to Flatiron Coffee Shop today in Boulder, Colorado. It’s December 26.

After a warm, very dry late fall, we’re collectively watching for a good snow. The barista and a customer were just discussing the poor snowfall up in the foothills, with the word “armageddon” being tossed around. While we’re chipper about how we’ve enjoyed such ongoing beautiful weather, there is a lurking unease about that ever-present threat of climate change.

My dear friend and colleague is a human services administrator who is recruiting therapists for a new program she’s running. “Everyone is booked up,” she said. “One person said she turned down three clients just today. Even brand-new therapists are full.” We speculated as to what’s behind this crush of people seeking support. I imagine you’re thinking pretty close to what we came up with: Pandemic + climate change + political upheaval + the amplification of social media= Increased stress levels = Intensifying anxiety and depression for a whole bunch of people.

I watch the ongoing apocalyptic imagery that seems to reflect this culture-wide angst, and wonder whether it’s reflecting us, or we’re unwittingly being drawn into its trance.

Stories can be powerfully hypnotic and create a perspective that drives behavior.

Well, I have a different story to tell you.

I am hoping it will equally entrance you into a different reality. So pull up a chair while I tell you a tale.

This is what you’re here for. You chose to come into a body now, right at this pivotal moment for our species, where old structures are crumbling and a possibility for a whole new reality is being born.  It’s a magnificent time, one 250,000 years in the making, where humanity has evolved through millennia of learning how to be on this planet. We’re now a global body with a global brain and are going through what any organism must as it moves to the next level of complexity: chaos.

That’s where you come in. As one of our species, you can learn an entirely different way to be. Perhaps you (like me) were brought up in an atmosphere of fear and threat, so didn’t know that a whole different realm exists. You might tune into the most dire of predictions about our collective future because they sound and feel so familiar. But you’re reading this because you intuit that there’s more.

I’ve spent somewhere around 50,000 hours with people contending with the darkness of their lives. What I have learned is that darkness itself is the illusion.

Like a cloudy day with no bit of sunlight to be found, we can become convinced that light is gone, that the best we can hope for is to learn to live like creatures underground.

And the truth? The sun has always been there.

“You are Here for This” is my reminder, my reflection that who you are is the sun.

You are the light. And beyond that, you are surrounded by a friendly universe where beings all around you (human and otherwise) hold that same, expanded illumination. Far from a reality of doom and nihilism, you are here as one who is carrying a lamp that shines on the truth of what has supported us all along: pure love, connection between all beings, and the indelible perfection of nature.

My plan is to send out weekly communiques, ways to support you by sharing both inspiring concepts and doable actions that you can try out immediately. While many of the challenges facing our species can seem so daunting as to lead to a grinding halt from a sense of abject helplessness, taking time to read this blog will remind you who you really are: a divine being of love and light who has come to this planet at the perfect time, with exactly the qualities that you need.

We are embraced, enfolded, surrounded by incredible teachers, both alive now and able to be accessed from the past.

Their message is consistent: there is a realm where miracles exist, where all we need is love, where all is well.

I have my personal version of how to walk the bridge between the dark and the light, the dense and the expanded, and intend for my offerings to support you to feel your firm footing across your own. Together, we’ve got this!


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