Hear me demonstrate the Essence Interview tomorrow

Part of my joy in collaborating with Katie Hendricks over the weekend was our co-creation of The Essence Interview. This is what the Hendricks Institute newsletter talked about today:

“The Power Of Harmony

Katie just returned from teaching Adding the Body in Boulder with Julie Colwell. We realized that every activity we explored shifted peoples’ experience from the reactive brain (the world is my enemy) to the creative brain (the world is my ally). For example, we have used our Persona Interview with great success for many years. Even though people shift to loving and including these learned facets of themselves, that interview still assumes that people need to work through the layers to reach essence.

This weekend we invented an Essence Interview, which people loved, to support living from our core selves all the time. The whole weekend provided another vivid reminder that humans can really live entirely “above the line,” where life is about expanding our capacity to enjoy more of things going well.”

I’ll be demonstrating an Essence Interview with Andrea Isaacs (creator of EnneaMotion) during Andrea’s radio show tomorrow, Thursday, March 10, at 12pm MST. If you’d like to tune in and learn how to access your own essence more readily, go here and click on the “listen now” button.

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