Co-creating with the universe

Back in October, I wrote a lot about what we don’t have control over, and the variety of ways we have to resist that reality. (You can read these here: Control Part 1, Control Part 2, Control Part 3, Control Part 4.) I also talked about what we do have control over: Our behaviors, where we place our attention, and our intentions and commitments. Far from being victims of our circumstances, understanding how this works allows us to be co-creators with the universe.

The coming of the new year is the perfect time to utilize our powers of intention and commitment. (Intention is about the goal or purpose we’re heading towards; commitment is deciding to organize our energies in the direction of that intention. When there’s something that seems far out of my reach, I create an intention for it; when I can actually feel it as a possibility, I create a full-fledged commitment.)

To start your list of intentions, the big question is: What do you really want? OK, so you want more money, or to deal with your weight issues, or to create a fabulous partnership, but what do you REALLY want? If you had any of those things, what would they get you?

Let’s start with “more money.” If you had all the money you wanted, how would that change your life? Would you quit your job? Live on a sailboat? Do what you love? So–your intention becomes clearer: I intend to create a life that I love, or I intend to live on a sailboat. Maybe it’s a little harder to discern–you want money so you can buy a new car. What do you really want about this? To have a flashier image? Safe transportation? Be able to walk out in the morning, and have your car start? Now your intentions are more focused: You intend to feel flashy, or create safe transportation, or create ease in your morning commutes.

Getting clear about what you really want will allow you to create intentions that are much more focused than what you started with (from “more money” to “doing what I love all the time”). With this clarity comes the line of action steps needed to take you where you really want to go.

Action: Create a list of intentions. Word them in the present and in the positive (from “I don’t want to be in debt” to “I enjoy being in flow with money.”) Make sure they are what you really want. Read this list out loud every day.

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  1. Ah, Julie, I love seeing the distinction between intention and commitment. Wow! I’ve heard it before and apparently I need lots of reminders. Great post for the first of the year when I usually make the same old “resolutions” and then immediately forget what they are. Thanks!

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