Completions for 2010

Now is the time to do the end-of-year clearing, to prepare the way for the beginning-of-the year intending and manifesting. Here’s my toss to you, should you decide to accept it!

Do an inventory of completions that are leaking your energy. These could include:

  • Communications you need to make (emails, letters, calls, things you haven’t said to important people).
  • Money issues to handle (debts you haven’t cleared or made a plan for, debts that others owe you, any planning you know you should do–wills, etc–bills to be paid)
  • Clutter to be cleared, whatever is in your way of easily moving through the world. Cars to be cleaned out; closets, cabinets, and garages to be organized. How can you create space in your world?
  • Negative energy to be released. Make a list of resentments, blames, whatever you’re carrying around that is toxic in your body. Get it all out–write and write until you’re complete. Now rip it up, burn it, let it go.
  • People to forgive. By not forgiving them, you are keeping yourself tied to them with a cord of negative energy. Write it out, speak it through, and let it go.
  • Anything else that will allow you to put 2010 to bed. Are there memories to write down? Photos or videos to gather and organize?

Once you’ve completed this list, you’ll have  lightened your heart, created space in your life, and will be ready to truly celebrate the conclusion of 2010, and the dawning of 2011.

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