5 tips for conscious holidays

‘Tis the season for overindulgences. Feasting on  holiday delicacies, drinking wassail (I had to look it up–it’s a hot mulled cider), party punches, and champagne–YUM! And in the midst of this, lots of social time with friends and family.

So, being CONSCIOUS in the middle of all of this?? Somehow, staying awake and aware seems to be a contradiction to what the holidays are about. Oh, except for that part of the season that we’re actually celebrating: the light returning to the darkness, the higher vibration coming into the world, expanding what was dense and contracted energy of consciousness.

How about a few reminders about staying conscious through all of the holiday partying? Here are 5 tips to help you stay conscious.

1. Start with a commitment: I commit to staying in my body through the holidays.

2. Slowing down just a millisecond can mean the difference between simply rushing through it all and actually enjoying yourself. Are you willing to move at your essence pace?

3. Lots of togetherness can lead to tension if people swallow their truth (which can require lots of  cookies and alcoholic beverages to stay down). How about speaking what is unarguable (sensations, emotions, what you want)? Simply saying, “My stomach feels tight” can shift the tone of a whole conversation.

4. Breathing and moving are subtle shift moves you can do anytime, anywhere. Change your posture. Get up and walk around. Go into the bathroom to reconnect with yourself and take a few deep belly breaths (no one will bother you there).

5. Appreciation will create the most powerful shift of all. Instead of joining in with the chorus of complaints about family members, politics, the state of the world, see what happens when you choose to focus on what is amazing and miraculous. Listing everything you appreciate about your parent, child, ex-partner, partner, friend, co-worker, or service person–in public, right to their face!!–will truly be the most precious gift of all.

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