This gorgeous new website

Wow–check it out!!

Look around–do you notice the spaciousness, the quality of the design, the terrific colors of this spendid website?

A team of us (truly the dream team for me) have been working for months to get this iteration of my website up and functioning. I want to send great appreciation to

Verna Wilder, who had the vision to take us to a new level;

Robbie Staufer, who has mastered the ins and outs of WordPress to get all that code working; and

Eric Boelts, whose eye for design always seems to find the essence of what I–and many others–want to express without words.

Sometimes life just keeps moving along and I forget to celebrate milestones. Today, I celebrate the brilliance of my playmates, and a beautiful new baby that’s now out in the world. I love this process of manifestation!

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