If you walked into my office right now, you’d see: boxes of unassembled furniture; stacks of books all over the floor; business cards that have flowed beyond their boxes; an unhappy-looking plant; and a variety of pens, papers, notebooks and other assorted items perched dangerously close to the tops of cabinets that are now in the wrong place.


Gabrielle Roth developed a wonderful model about the Five Rhythms, describing the cycle of creation. These include Flow (being internal, connected to the source); Staccato (starting to move out to the external and the physical plane); Chaos (meeting other energies with one’s own expression); Lyrical (being in the joy of the manifestation); and Stillness (experiencing the death of the cycle; the pause before the next movement to Flow). This has been such a helpful model for me, especially at times like this, as I can now enjoy each part of the cycle, rather than my old world view that everything should be neat and orderly, while simultaneously wondering why I had no creative impulses.

So I’ll go into my office this morning and put the books on their shelves, assemble the furniture, and do one of my favorite things: create order out of chaos. And enjoy that I get to participate in the most fundamental aspect of our world: creation.

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