Lately I’ve experienced a lot of material taught by wonderful folks. A few months ago, Gay Hendricks challenged a group of us to commit to living a majority of our time in our genius (I accepted). He later wondered with us, “If you were on your deathbed and someone asked you if you’d lived a successful life, what would you say?” Then our friends Gayle Colman and Chris Lucerne came to town with Imagination Made Real® and asked “What is your life purpose?” Finally, last weekend Kath and I taught a class called “Discovering Your Genius.” We all got to participate in unearthing what our gifts are, what we each came onto this planet to do.

So the past six months have been an intensive course in The Big Questions. These questions have plagued me since I was a teenager. At that point I was morose because I believed that they were unanswerable. I ruminated on “what’s the point????” and ultimately decided there just wasn’t one. So I am thrilled, blown away, awestruck at all the answers that are coming now.

Being with the Big Questions, I keep coming back to this word: Magic. I want to create a life of magic, to be a magician. Not an illusionist (I think I’ve done a lot of that in my life), but someone who understands that there are unseen powers at work and is able to interact with them, co-creating amazing results. As I’ve done this work (play) of consciousness, shifting into increasing levels of integrity, opening in wonder and discovery, viewing myself as the creator of my own reality, I’ve noticed increasing levels of magic in my life. My stories of miracle manifestations are now becoming so ongoing that they are becoming almost commonplace. If they aren’t happening, it is such an exception that I can use their lack as an indication of my needing to shift my level of consciousness. And the synchronicities are increasing in magnitude. It’s no longer just about getting a great parking place; it’s having people show up with exactly the right resource at the perfect moment. It’s moving out of a life of drudgery to every day being an adventure.

I’ve read about people having these kinds of lives before, but I assumed this was the exception. The true magic is that I’ve stumbled on these tools of Gay and Katie’s that actually are the gateway to anyone being able to be a magician.

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