Loving the wind

Nature wastes nothing, not even a quark. –David Hawkins

On Christmas Eve, I stepped out into the chilly night to assist in putting out the luminarias.

It’s an annual event in our neighborhood, that each household fold down the edges of our white paper lunch bags, pouring sand into the bottom, plunking a light that shines through into the sand. I love this tradition, the sense of us all coming together to create a beautiful moment. Here’s what our street looked like that night:

My neighbor was dropping her bags at the same time as me. This was our brief exchange:

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” I said.

“I could do without the wind,” she retorted, straightening up and pushing her hair back as a breeze picked up, then turning towards the rest of her task.

Such a simple moment, one I’ve participated in so many times. Bonding over what is wrong. This time I was taken aback, however.

I rolled that around in my head. Somehow the wind was wrong.

I understand how she could go there. How often have I made life wrong? My narrow-focused mind is very reliable in pointing it all out: It’s too cold, the picture isn’t straight, my dogs are barking too much, my posture is bad, the carpet has a spot, my neighbor wasn’t cheery enough. Then, of course, that the pandemic shouldn’t have happened, that my life should not have so dramatically changed, and thank you very much, could we just go back to regular life now?

Musing further, I saw where this way of thinking leads.

If the wind is wrong…and life is wrong…then wow, what an easy jump to how They (whoever they are) are wrong. Or maybe it’s you. Well, inevitably–me. Maybe the direction goes the other way: I’m wrong, so you’re wrong, and on back to everything around me. Unless–PHEW!–I can prove how I’m RIGHT!

As I circle around all of those very logical conclusions, it only makes sense to either try to be MORE RIGHT or to turn my attention must go to improving me or you or Them. Or–the wind.

As Katie Hendricks once said, want to make yourself crazy? Argue with reality.

Deciding that life is wrong is a direct path to suffering. Our  energy necessarily goes to battling, resisting, trying to change what is. Meanwhile, time passes, our precious moments of being in bodies can so easily flow around us like water around a ship’s prow, barely touching our awareness.

Love what is has been part of my daily prayers for decades. So today I ask myself: am I willing to fully engage with life? Be present, feel the ocean splash and the wind blast across my face?

Are you?

Today I recommit to loving all that is, as it is, in all the glorious ways life shows up.

I commit to putting my attention on savoring what is, on being in joy with how I and you and They and life and the wind –and the pandemic, and our bodies, and our earthling selves–show up.

Would you like to join me?

Let’s play in the wind together.


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