I often pick Angel cards(from Doreen Virtue‘s deck) in the morning after I meditate, to reconnect with my unseen supporters and get a sense of direction for the day. Today’s card was “Celebrate.” It’s description was about knowing that I’ve planted many seeds and that I have so much support in watching over their cultivation.

Soon after, I jumped on my bike and rode through town, stopping to do an errand on my way to the BCCL. The morning was beautiful, not too hot yet–as I pedaled by the community gardens I passed the parade of dogs, babies, and their respective guardians sauntering along the shaded path. I whizzed over to Pearl Street mall (mostly downhill–even better!). After my stop at the bank I had the most delicious round of olfactory experiences. It’s like I was being presented with the next and the next and the next: baking cookies (must’ve been chocolate chip) from a coffee shop; incense from Lighthouse books; and flower scent after flower scent from every direction.

I celebrate how nature puts on such a show and I get to be the applauding audience; I celebrate how, when I create space like this, life unfolds before me; I celebrate my co-creativity with nature and with my community. I celebrate my life.

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