Dreams come true


As I stood in front of the group, getting ready to introduce Gay and Katie Hendricks, I had a strong sense of “this is what it means when dreams come true.” From my fantasy over these many years of having the intention to “create conscious community,” to actually standing within a conscious community, I had the magnificent experience of being transported from seeing it all in my head to witnessing the much better version of “real life.”

I feel tears of gratitude and appreciation in my throat as I write this. I am grateful to the community of people over the years who have stepped in to be my playmates in this vast new world of living life with the goal of feeling better and more expansive every day. I am grateful to my beloved, Kathy, for being my best teacher in learning the steps through the muck and back into the brilliant light of love and possibility. I am grateful to my fellow founders, Mari, Bryan, and Kathy, for taking ourselves seriously and making this idea into a physical reality. I am grateful to my colleagues, Mari, Bryan, Kathy, Nancy, Deb and BJ for saying YES, we can come together and teach this amazing work. And then, how do I even express my appreciation, my great-full-ness to Gay and Katie Hendricks? Every moment of every day has changed because of Gay and Katie. I feel joy; and when I don’t, I know I will again. I feel magic. I feel the endless potential of this life. I cherish them both; I cherish you all.

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