Julie’s June Journal

Are you familiar with the term “Upper Limit?”

It’s one of the craziest ideas I learned from Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. And the one that hooked me.

It was this line from their book, Conscious Loving (page 125, if you want to look): “[The Upper Limits Problem] is the only problem you have to solve, because in a co-committed relationship you trade in all your former problems for this one: how to let yourself expand continuously into more positive energy.”

I had never heard of anything like this. There are no problems? Except feeling too good??

Since I read that, I’ve been on a hunt. I’ve studied this idea every which way. And I think they’re right.

Now, I can name “problems” along with anyone. Climate change, all of the -isms, politics gone bad, wildlife going extinct–it’s all on my mind, too. But what I’ve witnessed is how, when I’m willing to step into expansion, be “Above the Line,” well, it all changes for me. It’s because now I’m connected with all that is.

I truly believe that, from that place, problems no longer exist. Challenges, maybe; conundrums, I suppose. But from that vantage point, I am one with nature, which turn out to be every single thing in the universe. And I know that nature has her own rhythms, her own ways. In my open state, I can be part of all of it, without “problem-solving” anything. I know that all is perfect, and all is well.

Which brings me to June.

How’s your ULPing? Has all the green–green grass, green trees, green mountainsides–pushed you over the edge yet? The lilacs’ wafting fragrance, has it nudged you beyond your limits? The gorgeous flowers, the hummingbirds, the songs the rest of the birds are belting out first thing in the morning?? How are you doing with feeling good?

I watch myself moving out to my outmost places, feeling the exquisiteness of everything surrounding me…then plunging into some fear thought or reaching for my phone. Because it’s just too damn beautiful.

Though next time, maybe I’ll just breathe…….

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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out why this week has been so excruciating for no discernible reason. This blog post is making me wonder. Connecting with others during two! BC3 groups this week may also be helping to rocket me towards my upper limit. Thank you for the timely post!

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