What’s a “yes”?

When I take the time to focus in on what my body is trying to communicate to me (sometimes at a VERY HIGH VOLUME), and then actually follow what it is asking for, I find that my life goes smoothly and easefully. When I let my mind direct me what I notice is hitting obstacles and roadblocks. It’s as if I’m assembling a whole gauntlet in front of me to get me to hear the message: WARNING: YOUR MIND IS NOW IN CHARGE. And, as Anne Lamott said, “My mind is not on my side; it’s a puppet show from hell.”

This difference is especially evident when I make agreements. Sometimes I drift out of my essence pace and make agreements too quickly, without checking in with my body. Generally these are the agreements that I later regret and have to renegotiate. When I shift into spaciousness while making an agreement, I have the delicious experience of asking myself “what do I really want?” and showing up for myself in a joyful and powerful way.

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