Relationship Boot Camps

Interested in going deep with your partner? I’m teaching two relationship boot camps, each 3 days, each limited to 4 couples. You’ll learn powerful skills while clearing out old unconscious patterns, in a supportive and laid-back environment. I’ll be teaching fundament tools of conscious relationships, demonstrating them with whatever issues couples are bringing with them.

Day 1: Essential Tools: S.E.W., moving emotions, Reactive/Creative Brain.

Day 2: Essential Tools: Healthy responsibility, The Karpman Drama Triangle, Creative Brain Communication.

Day 3: Essential Tools: Clearing unconscious commitments, Upper Limits Problem, Appreciation

Qualifications: Couples who are open to learning and available for shifting out of old patterns into new possibilities.


Interested? Email me at


LGBT COUPLES: October 20-22, 1500/couple ($1400 before September 20) (FILLED)

MIXED COUPLES: November 17-19, $1500/couple ($1400 before August 15)


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