A challenge from the EEPs!

One of the main challenges of our work has been to find something that people like better than the rush they get from adrenaline. And we’ve found it–creative expression. –Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D

Are you up for something that might push you a little, but will ultimately help you feel better and better? Keep reading…

I lead a group called “Embodiers of Evolutionary Power.” The acronym is fun to play with (especially if you make it “People Embodying Evolutionary Power”–particularly timely during the season of Peeps), and our group is sweet. We meet to support each other to embody the “Four Cornerstones of Evolutionary Power” that I created. (Download the Four Cornerstones here or below.)) We’re definitely in the perfect time to test our high-vibe mettle in light of the current political landscape.

We met last night and talked about how easy it is to let ourselves consume media that takes us into a low vibe. (Notice that this speaks to the Cornerstone of “Resonating in a High Energy Field,” specifically “What I absorb has high vibration (food, air, substances, thoughts, words, music, relationships, experiences, media.”). We talked over how easy it is to anchor into the vibrations of fear, anger, and despair that we see around us, as most of us are living from the idea that we need to be hypervigilant to watch for something, anything we can do to address what we see on the news or our social media feeds. And then we’ve witnessed how helplessness can take over, resulting in our doing nothing at all, feeling worse and worse about the world and our selves.

By the end of the evening, after meditating together, creating beautiful bracelets to remind us of our commitments to live in expansion (thank you, Gretchen!) and reflecting back to each other how living “Above the Line” (see the Inner Map) is where our true power exists, we challenged each other: For the next two weeks we’ll each give up two types of media that create density in our bodies, and we’ll add in a daily creativity practice. For example, I’m giving up watching Rachel Maddow (many of you know how hard that is–she’s brilliant, gorgeous, and compelling) and looking at Huffington Post (always an adrenaline booster for me). I’m adding in whatever I want to do that’s creative first thing in the morning. (Today I painted a picture of a healthy, plastic-free ocean with happy fish.) Others are getting off of Facebook, or not reading political articles, while cooking actual meals, writing more chapters chronicling life in Heartbreak Gulch, and working on the quilt for the new baby.

OK, you know where this is leading, don’t you? How about you? What toxic input are you willing to stopping inputting? What creative practice can you incorporate in your life that would feel even better than adrenaline? Comment here; I’ll let the EEPs know.




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4 thoughts on “A challenge from the EEPs!”

  1. Julie, what a great idea! Since I’ve been in California (almost a year now, can you believe it?), I’ve given up Facebook (I check in with family there a couple of times a month), and I limit how much “news” flows into my body, so I’ve already started on cutting down on media sources of low vibration. But I haven’t challenged myself to new creative expression. I’d like to accept your challenge by playing with paper every day. I’ve been collecting the materials to create collages, so starting tomorrow (Saturday) I will create a postcard-size collage every day for 2 weeks.

    I love your 4 Cornerstones and just printed it and will keep it out where I can see it. I’m glad you have a group going and I love the vision and purpose of the EEPs. In my heart, I am going to consider myself a CHEEP: California Home Embroiderer of Evolutionary Power. This is just the boost I needed to motivate myself into creativity.

    Say hello to your PEEPs for me. I send Big Love.

    1. Oh, sweet Verna! A CHEEP!! Perfect. I love knowing you’re out there, spreading the love to those who need it. Will you take a photo of one of your creations and send it to me?

      big love,


  2. Thank you Julie! As I lay awake at 4am this morning (Earth Day) my thoughts turned to how much we have polluted and hurt our amazing planet that gives us life. Finally, after despair had hit hard I decided to get up and then, quite by “accident” read your blog. Just what I needed to start moving above the line.

    1. Oh, I know–there is so much that we can see as “wrong”–and I notice that, once my narrow focus finds one thing wrong, there’s an endless trail of other things that follow. Keep the faith, dear Anna–staying Above the Line is its own form of activism.

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