It’s time

It’s been 2 ½ months since the election.

We’ve had time to be shocked, to grieve. Time to shake our fists at the unfairness of it all. Time to fantasize what country we might escape to.

And—we’ve had time to look around, see who else shares our outrage. Make contact with them. And then—we’ve had time to imagine. To plan. To look at what is squarely in the face and accept the truth of it.

So now, it’s time to step in. It’s time to on our tools, our collective wisdom, all that we’ve been meditating on and practicing with.

Because we know what the steps are. Sure, we might still be tempted to sideline ourselves with distractions, to get drawn into false skirmishes while we miss what most wants our attention.

But once we stop and get quiet we know all we need to know:

That we strengthen ourselves by facing into the truth—of how some of us were floating along in a bubble, enjoying our privilege while ignoring basic injustices that were hiding in plain sight; of how others of us got stuck in the seduction of the illusion of victimhood; of how we thought we could do it all by ourselves;

How we must let of our myriad of ways to disconnect from reality, no longer hiding in the daze of consumerism, fantasy, and addictions, and the indulgences of despair, guilt, and self doubt;

That choosing love and joy and appreciation empowers us in a way that hatred and bitterness never could;

That each one of us is powerful beyond measure, and how, linked together, we are unstoppable.

Stop and breathe with these ideas. Let them fill you, strengthen you, widen and then sharpen your vision of the possible. Let your heart fill and your spirit hunger for a world beyond anything you or I have every known. Because now it is up to you and to me to create it.

The time is now.

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