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A great friend of mine sent this post by Rachael Rice to me today. It’s long (you can find the whole post here). Here’s an excerpt:

“I’VE GOT AN INDICTMENT FOR YOU: Why Aren’t Internet Famous People Posting about ‪#‎Ferguson‬?

New-age and personal power transformational coach/entrepreneur/bloggers/people with a following PUT DOWN YOUR CRYSTALS, AND LISTEN UP.

Take like five minutes between your next colonic and your core power yoga, sit your green smoothie-drinking, Lululemon-wearing ass down at your Twitter feed and ask yourself,


I agree. So my crystals are down (though, actually, I prefer tarot cards). And I’m listening. And writing.

I believe I’m on this planet now for a few reasons. One of them is to support the planetary shift from a hierarchical, power up/power down structure to one that is co-creative, power with. Where every being has the space to be as big as they are, to fully express essence and have the power that comes from alignment with self while being in respectful, loving connection with others. My work is about supporting people in moving out of the stuckness of power struggle and reactivity and back into the natural flow that comes from true connection to self. I use the model of the Karpman Drama Triangle (Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer) to support folks in moving out of struggle into the true power of authenticity, with an eye towards everyone getting everything they want. Daily, I watch the miracles that come from people accessing their truth through their bodies’ wisdom.

I’ve had many conversations with my activist friends about that Drama Triangle. We debate the point: What is a Victim, really?  What happens when we blame someone, place them into the Persecutor role? Shouldn’t we take action, even if someone else might perceive this as Rescuing? Over and over I’ve stated that the goal is for each person is to take 100% responsibility in order to move out of the energy drain of struggle and into their own power, where they can discover what is the real issue and so take the most relevant action to do something about it. My friends would say some version of–no way. We have to fight. We have to step in and force change, get out on the streets, rid the world of the power mongers, robber barons, earth destroyers.

I remember the day that my friends and I stepped through this clash of belief systems. We finally realized that we wanted the same thing. We all were striving to collectively live Above the Line, out of Reactive Brain and in the wide expanse of Creative Brain. We saw that, in the land Above the Line, people naturally do the right thing. We live in integrity. We tell the truth. We let our hearts lead the way. And we don’t let fear stop us.

We take a stand.

I hereby am taking a stand. From my heart, from my soul, from what is most precious to me, I stand for justice. I stand for facing directly into my own racism and classism and privilege. I take the hands of those around me as we gather our courage to look at what we’ve collectively created: A country where 12-13% of the population is African-American, yet 40% of male inmates are black. A country where 40% of the deaths of black men between 15 and 34 were due to murder (vs 3.8% of white males of that age). Where white police officers are not indicted for killing black men.

Rachael Rice is right about me. It’s been easier to for me to stay on the sidelines and let other people take the risk to speak out. And yet–today, I’m stepping out and standing up.

Rice ends her column with this list of her “I statements.”

I will use the internet and my social media not just to promote myself and my products.

I will be vigilant about how privilege shows up in my partnerships, projects, income streams, and ambitions.

I will make my activist leanings a bigger priority.

I will do a shitty job sometimes but that’s better than not trying.

I will keep adding to this list.

And I hope you do, too.

Here are my additions:

I will speak my truth from my heart.

I will face into my own darkness, and support those around me to do the same.

I will live from my full power, Above the Line, in the world that is beyond blame and in possibility.

I will take a stand: For justice, for equality, for every voice to be heard.


5 thoughts on “Taking a stand”

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for your eloquence on such a challenging issue. I will read your words again and again, reminding myself how I want to live, the person I want to be in the world.

  2. So lovely to see others taking a stand online. Great post of self reflection, honesty, and authenticity. And I’m so glad you addressed the Drama Triangle. This has been the hardest concept for me to grasp as a social justice advocate. There are such clear relationships of power and control in the “civil rights fire” and it is hard for me to see anything but a clear perpetrator/victim situation. I’m still not sure I understand how to see it as anything but a clear perpetrator/victim situation, but I sure know that I am in charge of my own actions and can use the principles of getting out of the drama triangle in my own interactions with others. The only ways I have been able to reconcile this for myself are as follows: First, I have realized that I may “perpetrate” unintentionally and thus I must take responsibility for my actions if I find that I have done so. Second, I can certainly take responsibility for myself and support social justice without becoming a victim, rescuer, or perpetrator. Third, I can support others in their own accountability and honesty by modeling authenticity and honestly and interacting with others in a responsible manner that is free of blame and drama and full of curiosity and wonder. But gosh, I still get pretty darn sad and angry about the way whole groups of people are treated. So, conversations like this are such a good reminder to come back to these basic tenets.

    1. I am taking a stand against the system that preys on feeding itself on the backs of children. Agencies that make claims to further protect and put best interests of children first is actually destroying emotionally well balanced and trusting positive children and turning them into distrusting alienated victims to perpetuate a cycle of funding. Removing a child from their mother based on assumptions, lies, Ill equipped workers and policy legislation completely ignored is an abomination to society and the helpless ignored children they are sworn to protect!!

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