Seventh key to conscious communication: Committing to impeccable integrity

What ideas pop up for you when you read the words impeccable integrity? Here are my thoughts:

Integrity: Remember integers? This is about wholeness. All as one. All come into alignment: Thoughts, feelings, words, actions.

Impeccable: The dictionary definition of “impeccable” has to do with flawlessness and perfection, but in this work of consciousness, it’s really the intention of being on target, landing in that zone of the body that says, “yes, I’m totally in alignment with myself.”

What does impeccable integrity look like? Try these ideas out:

  • You would be totally transparent, reliably telling the truth about what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing.
  • You would take full responsibility for whatever is happening, owning that you are the creator of your life.
  • You would clarify your words and intentions until those around you understand.
  • You would make agreements you want to make, and wouldn’t make agreements you don’t want to make. You’d follow through on your agreements.
  • You would complete whatever you need to complete.
  • You would choose your words and actions according to who you are and what is right for you.
  • You would notice power struggles and move out of them easily, choosing to spend your time and energy consciously creating what you really want.

As with any commitment, this isn’t a promise to anyone (even yourself); instead, you’re making a pact with the universe that this is the direction in which you want to go. When you drift off course (and out of integrity), you simply recommit.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to commit? If so, speak these words out loud. breathing and moving until you feel them land fully in your body:

I commit to living in impeccable integrity.

2 thoughts on “Seventh key to conscious communication: Committing to impeccable integrity”

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  2. Thank you! It is so important to remember to be a person of your word. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

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