How we create from our state

According to David Hawkins, in his book Power vs. Force, every emotional state we enter into has its own particular vibration. Hawkins created an arbitrary, logarithmic scale of 0-1000 and lined up states on it from most dense to most expanded. For example, on the Hawkins scale Shame is a 20, Fear is at 100, and Anger is 150. Courage is the dividing line between Force and Power at 200; everything above 200 (Love at 500; Joy at 600; and on up) is a clearly more expanded, energized, and so better-feeling state.

Hawkins talks about the “attractor energies” that emanate from each state. In other words, if you are feeling fear, you are liable to attract responses from others that will give you a reason to be afraid. If you are angry, others will respond to you according to the angry energy you are putting out. This leads to a cycle of causing the reactions that keep evoking the same state, so that you can get increasingly stuck in a particular reality. You might experience this when you feel more expansive: lovers who are in love tune into all that is beautiful in life, and tend to create responses from others of smiles and nods of approval, supporting them to feel even more loving.

Watch how this works in your own life. Start by noticing what state you’re in (is your body contracted or relaxed? if contracted, where do you feel it?). You can also watch your thoughts, which will give you a good idea of whether you’re mad, sad, scared, or feeling good. Finally, paying attention to how others are reacting to you will give you almost instant feedback about what attractor energies you are sending out into the world. Being aware of the reality you are currently in means that you can choose to shift it to the one you might prefer.

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