If this were a perfect world…

I had a session with a dear woman a few days ago. She’s had some big changes in her life, and was trying to figure out what she really wanted.

“Well, if this were a perfect world, I’d like [x, y, z]. But instead, I guess I’ll settle for [a, b, c].”

As she made her lists, I began to wonder about her presumption. That this isn’t a perfect world, so she has to live her life letting go of what she really wants.

Have you done something similar? Decided you have to settle for less than what you want, since you probably won’t get it anyway?

I finally said to her, “Actually, I believe it is a perfect world. All that we need is right here for us, if we actually tune into it.”

Far-fetched, you say? Look around at nature (August is a fabulous time to do this). Notice simple things like leaves and grass, flowers, vegetables. Really tune into them: their abundance, their beauty, the bottom-line wonder of the fact that they even exist. How does that happen, something as simple as the creation of a leaf? Who is in charge of that? The perfect world of nature, and nature’s creative ability.

What would change in your life if you walked around seeing the world as perfect? Make a list right now. You could start by answering these questions:

If this were a perfect world, every day I would:

If this were a perfect world, the work I would do would be:

If this were a perfect world, my relationships would:

If this were a perfect world, the things I would change about my life are:

To view this as a perfect world, my perspective would change in these ways:

2 thoughts on “If this were a perfect world…”

  1. Julie – I did not know you were blogging! This is wonderful – I am going to use this as my morning writing practice! I know someone who used to sound a lot like that example in the beginning, and she is currently asking for what she wants in REALLY big ways!

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