Living in space

I’ve been living from a main intention for the past six months, to Live From and In Space. This is a big step into for me; I used to do whatever I could to try to control my life. Plan ahead; budget; keep track of; and above all, WORRY. All of these strategies gave me the illusion that I was in charge of what was happening, so the more effort I put in, the more I could be sure to get the outcome I wanted. It’s funny to look backwards in time and notice the vast amounts of energy that I used up just so I could keep this story going. It’s like someone who is rafting down a wild river who spends lots of time monitoring the raft, checking the paddles, and making sure there are no leaks, and then decides that it was this vigilance that got her down the river. Forgetting that maybe the river had something to do with it.

Living from and in Space, for me, means: slowing down. Letting go. Focusing on what is, rather than what “should be.” Noticing that everything that is needed is actually available, if I take the time to look around and appreciate the magnificent abundance of life. Actually having time and energy to look around and enjoy the ride.

The results? Wondrous unfoldings. Ease that I never imagined was possible. Problems that fade into nothing and seemingly solve themselves; ongoing serendipity and magic. And the space to notice and appreciate that, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

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  1. Hi Julie, This is really beautiful! Wow! What a great reminder and inspiration. Love the river and the raft metaphor, and your fluid, flowing writing. Lets get on some water!

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