If you want to see your unconscious…

…just look at your life.”

This is a paraphrase from Jiddhu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher and writer. He believed that humans only find truth through the vast mirror of relationships; dogma, ritual, and religion only serve to separate us from what is real.

In other words, the path to self-discovery lies in our everyday interactions with everything around us. Relationships are with our intimate others, for sure, but they extend far beyond that. We relate to our family members, friends, co-workers; to the salespeople we encounter, to the person we walk by in the street; to our pets and the animals around us; and even to what seems far beyond us–the weather, inanimate objects, our thoughts. Anything that stimulates a response in us, be it emotional or cognitive or physical, gives us fodder to understand ourselves better.

Gay and Katie Hendricks describe the Master Commitment as this: “I commit to using every relationship interaction as an opportunity to learn.” That means that every moment can become the pivot point from which your life could open up to be bigger than it was the moment before. Instead of getting stuck in blame or deciding you are having the wrong experience, you can invite everything in as perfect and another chance to discover what life has to offer.

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