I am fascinated by the process of manifestation. How does something that begins as an idea turn into something that we can see, taste, feel, read?

As I look around me, I see the evidence of the process of manifestation everywhere. The keyboard I’m typing on is the result of countless creative impulses of huge numbers of people over many years. The couch I’m sitting on required people to imagine what a couch looks like, try out a range of materials that are attractive, comfortable, durable. Everything I see around me is the result of a very long chain of people following the process of moving from potential to ideas to words to actions to actual physical products.

Maria Nemeth, author of The Energy of Money, believes that seeing our essence manifested out in the world is what true fulfillment is about. That there is nothing better than seeing our dreams come true, in living color and actual physical form.

I feel thrilled, happy, and indeed, fulfilled to watch my website take form. My book, A Guide to the Wild Ride: Navigating the Open Sea of Relationship, isn’t quite out of the womb yet, but it sure is kicking! And another creative impulse takes shape.

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