Let’s get this party started

Since 2008 is getting long of tooth, I want to take a minute to reflect on the magic that has happened here. I’d heard about this wacky notion, that it’s important to live your dreams, blah blah. I had some idea that my life was fine because I worked hard (those who work hard get rewards, that sort of thing). Sure, I’d noticed that things happened that I’d hardly let myself hope for (get into graduate school to be a psychologist, move to, what, BOULDER???), but mostly I didn’t believe in any of that manifestation stuff.

Now I do.

I’m sitting in my beautiful office (that’s mine in the tour with the incredible wall fresco–you must come by to see it), looking out over the 28th Street traffic. I love every one of the colleagues that I share this space with. We play, we laugh, we fight and find a way to move through it. We create. I have a job where, everyday, I get to say, “Well, what do we want to do this time? Oh, a Sampler Day? Sure! Or how about a class on Energy Healing? Or Conscious Cooking?” I don’t know how to sculpt or paint, but I get to co-create fun, wonderful, transformational get-togethers out of nothing. It’s bliss.
So, can you feel this? My waves of love and gratitude that I’m sending out from right above the Wild Bird Center? To Mari, for being a visionary and dreamer who puts her life on the line; to Nancy, BJ and Deb, who took substantial risks to be our first amazing faculty; to Chris, who left Texas and became part of us; to Verna, who endows us with her writing brilliance and sweet love; to the folks of the Intensive Learning Community, who are the heart of the BCCL community; to the Dynamic Couples and Transformational Tuesday participants and Awakening the Dreamer folks and all the rest of you who have come to play with us. And to my beloved Kathryn, who inspires me every single day to be my very best self.

It’s been a good year.

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