This s*&% really works

We say that back and forth to each other at the BC3*, sometimes as a high-five, sometimes with wonderment on our faces. “You know, when I said how I really felt and what I really wanted, I felt a huge weight lift off of me.” Or, “I went to see my parents, and I decided to focus on appreciating them. It was amazing! We really talked.” Or, “I realized I hadn’t actually taken 100% responsibility. Once I did that, I was back in flow.”

I have the huge privilege of participating daily  in this magic land of conscious living, this place where I walk in and know I’m home. The best kind of home, where I know I’m loved and respected and challenged to be my biggest self. Where the gentle nudge of “Julie, that was so cute how you were–that was a persona, wasn’t it??” allows me to laugh and recognize, oh, yeah, I really had gone unconscious, hadn’t I? Or the more volcanic eruption of my old triggers–oh God, right in the middle of a meeting–is met with loving, patient support, as those around me stick with me until I can find my way back to our effective, powerful tools. And–miracle of miracles–the result is a deepening of relationship instead of my old patterns of disconnection and cutting off.

It really works. The language of being more conscious, of telling the truth, having feelings fully, taking 100% responsibility, loving and appreciating what is, and PLAYING. Every moment of every day has changed for me. Really.

I’m teaching the Core Essentials Retreat weekend on April 4-6.  For the first time in the 17 years I’ve led Essentials, I’m teaching it on behalf of the Boulder Center for Conscious Community. You may want to come check it out. Or maybe you know someone who could use it. (There is a fee, but please don’t let that stop you. Talk to me about it and we’ll figure something out.)

Would you like to transform your life? Come and check out Essentials, the BC3, conscious living. I want to hear your stories–of how your life was never the same again.


*Boulder Center for Conscious Community

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